glioppostisiattraggono asked:
Where are you from? And how old are you?

I’m from Denver, i am 18.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, so I have a problem. My boyfriend hates when I act in romantic roles, and that's what I always get cast as. He says it makes him feel awful. What do I do?

That’s such a hard thing to deal with. of course, it’s very sweet of him to get jealous of even the idea of someone else having you… right? So using that thought, try and talk to him about it. reassure him that he has nothing to worry about. and after rehearsals or shows, and really just during the entire run, be a little bit more romantic with him. that would reassure him that he has no reason to be jealous. introduce him to your cast members, including your love interest in the show, and make him feel extremely important. 
hope that helps! 

Hey guys,

Submissions are open, as always, so give me some ideas! I am also going to promote any theatre related blogs who message me tonight, so be sure to get on that!

Also, honesty night starts now!

Anonymous asked:
Are you an actor too?

I am aspiring to be, yes. i am in the process of moving more towards theatre after training to be a professional dancer. 

Honesty Hour!

Anonymous asked:
What's your name?